Fostering with your own children

Every October we proudly celebrate the children of foster carers, highlighting the impact and significance they make within their fostering family. It is a great honour for Foster Wales NPT to champion each and every child and show them how much we appreciate everything they do. We have organised multiple activities for these inspirational children including trampolining, bowling, etc., but the fun doesn’t stop when the month comes to an end. Throughout the year, Foster Wales NPT hosts many family events across the region as a treat for our fostering families. We enjoy spoiling the team!

we listen to our carers children

Hear more about fostering with your own children from our foster families’ children. We listened and learned from them, you will too.

Claire and Andy’s son and daughter, Tegan and Oliver have both grown up welcoming children into their families and were happy to share their experiences with us.

fostering with birth children

Parents: Claire and Andy

Number of children fostered: Ten children on a range of short-term and short break arrangements.

Ages of foster children: Newborn to four years old

Children: Tegan and Oliver

Before we hear from Tegan and Oliver, Claire discussed how they prepare the children for the arrival of a foster child.

“We have been lucky that we have only had one child arrived in an emergency , so we have had time to prepare our own children for the foster children’s arrival. We sit them down and let them know what was happening and when the baby or child was likely to arrive. We always talk and make sure that everyone is happy and that the decision to accept a decision to welcome the new child is down to us as a family and not for example just my decision.”

introducing tegan and oliver

what do you love about being part of a fostering family?

Tegan – “I love fostering babies; they are so cute and cuddly. Also, I love making them giggle and having other children in the house to play with. It’s never boring and I have lots of fun with them.”

Oliver – “Meeting new children and getting to play with them and make them happy.”

what is your best piece of advice for children who welcome children in their home?

Tegan – “To be kind and patient.”

Oliver – “Be nice and don’t worry about sharing your things but keep anything special to you in your room.”

how do you prepare for the arrival of your foster siblings?

Tegan – “I would find a toy or teddy to give to them when they arrived, so they would feel more at home and welcome.”

Oliver – “I didn’t do anything to prepare, that was mum and dad who did that!”

how did you feel when the children arrived?

Tegan – “I am always excited to meet them and see what they are like.  I want them to feel welcome and want to talk to me.”

Oliver – “Happy because they were cute.”

what do you like to do with your foster siblings?

Tegan – “I like to play with them in our garden and my playhouse too.  I like going to new places with them, where we can explore together. When we have babies, I love cuddling them and making them laugh.”

Oliver – “Play with them and be silly to make them laugh.”

how have you felt when your foster sibling left?

Tegan – “I felt a bit sad, but it was also nice for it to be just the 4 of us again for a bit.”

Oliver – “A little bit sad. I mostly knew I would see them again sometimes. I knew that we would get a new foster child again too, so I would be happy about that.”

Back to mum Claire, we know how well her family has cared for children, however, we also wanted to find out how she prepared Tegan and Oliver for the foster siblings’ departure.

“With the babies it was more just making sure that our own children knew they were just staying with us until the social worker decided what the plan was going to be. All the babies we cared for have been adopted. Obviously, it’s a difficult process, with a multitude of emotions that we go through and even harder for our own children as they have treated the foster children and babies like their own siblings.  We always talk through the move on plans and make sure they were a part of the process. The adoptive parents have always been so lovely and thoughtful to our own children too.  They know it’s difficult for us.  We have been lucky that we have been able to remain in contact with some of the adoptive families and see the babies grow.” 

Have Claire’s family inspired you to take the leap into fostering with your birth children?

foster when you have children

Are you living in Neath Port Talbot and thinking about fostering with your own children?

Caring for any child can be rewarding, fun and tricky all rolled into one. Having experience of how you navigated the good and challenging times with your own children will be invaluable if you decide to foster.

Many potential foster carers worry about how their own children will cope and interact with a foster sibling. During the foster carer assessment, we listen, discuss and note your preferences, what would work for you, and anything that makes you nervous.

We understand that your own children’s needs and wellbeing, alongside those of a foster sibling, are of the utmost importance for you, which is why Foster Wales Neath Port Talbot carefully matches children to your family. Your interests matter and those of foster children.

Your social worker considers everything from the activities you enjoy doing as a family, your lifestyle, and the age of your children. Foster Wales recommends an age gap; Claire’s children were older that their foster siblings.

ask us any question about fostering

We know you reached this page as you have an interest in fostering with your own children. No doubt you have many questions. We’re listening, what would you like to ask? Our highly trained and experienced team can answer any enquiry. We would love to hear from you. Call us on 01639 685866 or click the link if you prefer email. Do check out our Common Question page while you are waiting to hear from us.

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