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who can foster in neath port talbot?

We need foster parents who are unique and can offer an individual take on life. People who come from a range of backgrounds and communities, bringing their own life experiences into foster care.

Whether you’re single, married or in a civil partnership, own your home or rent – you’re the perfect fit for a young person in our community. We actively celebrate diversity. We believe a wider skillset benefits everyone in our area.

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When it comes to fostering, we simply ask: can you make a difference to a young person who needs it?

can I foster if I work full time?

You can still foster if you’re working as well, but it may require more thought. For instance, you may need additional support from your family and close friends. You might also decide a particular type of fostering, such as short-breaks on weekends, might be best for you.

We know how much of a commitment fostering is, so we’ll work with you to figure out how it can fit into your life.

can I be a foster carer if I live in rented accommodation?

Absolutely, whether you rent or own your home, you’re still eligible to be a foster parent. As long as you have a spare room and a secure, loving environment to offer a young person, you’ll be a great match.

can I foster if I have children of my own?

You can foster even if you have your own children, it will simply mean more people in your family to love and care for! Children and young people in foster care often thrive in bigger families where they learn to build their own relationships.

Having new foster siblings is an exciting opportunity to form life-long friendships and develop a sense of empathy.

am I too old to foster?

You can be any age to foster – there isn’t a maximum age limit to offering a caring and loving home to a child in need.

When you join our team at Foster Wales Neath Port Talbot, we’ll give you the training and support you need to thrive in your foster journey.

am I too young to foster?

There’s actually no minimum age limit with fostering either.

Whilst it’s great to have life experience to share, we don’t mind how old you are as long as you can offer a secure home to a young person in our area.

do couples who foster have to be married or in a civil partnership?

There are no requirements to be in any kind of relationship to become a foster carer in neath port talbot. So, whether you’re single, married or in a partnership, all we ask is you can offer consistency and love to a child. If you’re confident you can offer this, our team will help you work out if now is the right time to start your fostering journey.

can I foster if I’m transgender?

Yes, you can be a foster parent no matter your gender. Your gender has no relation to whether you’ll be an excellent foster parent. We’re looking for life experiences and a shining personality.

can I foster if I’m gay?

Again, your sexual preferences aren’t considered at all when it comes to fostering. We simply want people who can offer a safe space to a young person in your community.

can I foster if I have a dog or cat?

Our team at Foster Wales Neath Port Talbot know how important any pet is to a family and they won’t impact your ability to foster at all. We’ll just include them in your initial assessment and when it comes to matching you with a child, we’ll make sure they all get on first.

can I foster if I smoke?

Whilst every local authority has different policies when it comes to smoking, all we ask is that you’re honest from the start. We can offer you support on quitting if you want it. It’s ultimately about matching you with the right young person so that’s what we focus on.

can I foster if I’m unemployed?

You can definitely still foster if you’re unemployed. We’re looking for excellent foster parents so your employment status won’t affect your application at all. We know that a loving and comfortable home is all that matters.

can I foster if I don’t have a big house?

The size of your house doesn’t matter at all – you don’t have to have a big house to foster. As long as you’ve got a spare room, you’ll be a perfect candidate to be a foster carer.

can I foster if I am single?

We have foster carers who are single, married or living together, so yes you can foster with us if you are single

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