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types of fostering

types of foster care

Foster care is all about providing a safe place to call home. Somewhere children can laugh, learn and be loved.

Good foster homes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – providing a loving home to a child that needs it.

From short-term breaks, overnight stays or year-long foster care, there are a range of foster care options we have to offer in Neath and Port Talbot. No child or young person is the same, so we need to be able to offer a range of care to meet their own needs.

short-term foster care

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Short-term foster care can be an hour, a day or a year. It provides a solution to a young person who needs stability whilst their future care is planned.

If you join our team and provide short-term foster care, it means you’ll be a part of the journey for a child or young person. You’ll be helping to support a child and prepare them for their next step into a new foster family, adoption or with their family.

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A short stay doesn’t mean making a smaller difference either, as you’ll be providing that first safe space to set up a child for a brighter future.

long-term foster care

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Long-term foster care can mean a whole new family for a young person. It’s a carefully considered match for a more permanent place for someone who needs stability.

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This type of care is about providing a safe space for a longer period so a young person can feel secure and loved. It’s creating a stable environment to help build a better future for them.

specialist kinds of foster care

All our foster care is classed as short-term or long-term, but there are some specialist types of fostering we offer for specific circumstances. These can be:

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short breaks

All our foster care is classed as short-term or long-term, but there are some specialist types of fostering we offer for specific circumstances. These can be:

We all need a break sometimes and a short break offers a young person or child just that. A chance to get away, recharge and experience a new family in a new home.

Sometimes known as support care, a short break can be anything from a daybreak, an overnight stay or regular weekends. We’ll work with you to plan them in advance, so you’ll know when to expect it. Short breaks offer a new opportunity and experiences for a child, creating an extension of a family for them.

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parent and child

Parent and child placements are an incredible chance to share your own parenting experiences with someone who needs your support. You’ll be nurturing not only the next generation but building the skills they need to have a brighter future.

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therapeutic care

Therapeutic care is a special type of foster care that offers an extra level of support to young people and children who need it. We’ll be on hand to give you guidance too so you and the child can get the best outcome from this type of care.

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